Female Decoder Ring (Or what she really means when she says…)

“I’m not ready for a relationship.”  I’m not ready for a relationship with you.

“I’m trying to sort my feelings out right now.” I’m trying to decide between you and another guy.

“Let’s take things slow.”*  I’m trying to decide how much I like you. *If said after a few weeks of dating, it means I’m trying to decide how much my friends and family will like you.

“You’re a really nice guy.”  If I say this on the first date, it’s true.  If I say it on the third, and haven’t kissed you, I just want to be friends.
“Let’s be friends and see what happens.” I’m not interested in you romantically.  I am not planning on responding to your calls.
“You’re just not my type.” or “I just don’t feel any spark with you.”  I’m not attracted to you.
But, it’s not all bad!
“That sounds really interesting.” (While gazing at you fondly.) You are impressing me.
“It must be hard to keep up with all that paperwork/weightlifting/doing good deeds!” I can’t wait to tell people how awesome you are!
“Do you work out?” You’re hot.
“So, tell me what you’re looking for in a woman?” (If said in a flirty way) Whatever you say are the qualities that I will embody from this moment on.
“I just got out of a serious relationship.” I really just want to have sex at this point, maybe with you.
And here are just some tidbits of information on behavior that I have found to be true:
Signs she wants you: 
She kisses you on the first or second date.
She listens to you more than she talks. (Usually because you have impressed her so much, she doesn’t want to say anything stupid.)
She always responds to a call, text, or email.
If you don’t call her, etc. She will call you.
During the initial meeting, she will touch you in some way.  Either on the leg, arm, hand.  She’ll also do things like giggle and play with her hair, and blush.
When you end up parting ways at the end of the night, she seems reluctant to leave and the goodbyes take forever.
Signs she doesn’t want you:
If she doesn’t kiss you by the third date.
If she’s always “busy” when you call.
If you ask to meet up and she reschedules two times in a row.
She keeps referencing “past relationships” and wanting to “go slow” or “be friends first.”
She keeps checking her cell phone (for the time).
These are not set in stone.  But in my experience, good hard-and-fast clues that might give some insight.

2 thoughts on “Female Decoder Ring (Or what she really means when she says…)

  1. I’m glad you threw in the “not set in stone” bit. Because sometimes I’ve had that “I just wanna take things slow” mean “Hey, where are you going? I really want to be with you.”

  2. […] God bless all my friends, especially the female ones. And yeah, even the straight shooting ones! […]

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